Sohna Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Sohna Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of the Sohna Master Plan 2021.


Sohna Master Plan 2021 has been created for Sohna. Sohna town is situated at the 24th kilometers stone on the Gurugram-Alwar road and makes important junction at Palwal-Rewari road. Other important cities/ towns in the region around Sohna are Delhi, (56 kilometers) Gurugram (24 kilometers), Faridabad (35 kilometers), Palwal (30 kilometers), Nuh (20 kilometers) and Rewari (45 kilometers), the town is very well served by frequent bus services from all sides.

With the backdrops of picturesque Aravali ranges on its West, Sohna is an important old town. As viewed from the top of the hills, where a tourist/ recreational complex has been developed by the Haryana Tourism, the town amalgamated with its green rural background presents a fascinating scenic beauty. The town is also famous for being blessed with boiling hot sulphur spring in the heart of the town with a temple complex around it. Because of their faith and belief, people having skin diseases visit this town to have a holy and clinical dip in the kunds having spring water, to get rid of their diseases.

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Vision of Sohna Master Plan 2021

The main Sohna town is bounded by Aravali ranges on the west, a bundh and partly low lying pockets of land on the north, bye-pass to Gurugram-Sohna-Alwar road on the east, and forest land on the south. Due to topographical conditions of the area around Sohna, the suitable land for the development lies in the north-east, east and south-east of existing Sohna town. The existing bye pass is highly congested and obstructs the smooth flow of the traffic. However, a new bye pass/ outer ring road are proposed to expand the town eastern side of the existing bye pass. Requirement of land for the various major land uses for an additional population of approximate 168000 by 2021 AD has been worked out. The draft development plan Sohna 2021 AD or Sohna Master Plan 2021 has been prepared for a population of 168000 persons.

Objective of Sohna Master Plan 2021

To accommodate an additional projected population of 168000 persons an area of 680.00 hectare has been proposed for the development of residential sectors under Sohna Master Plan 2021. The residential density proposed is 250 persons per hectare which is quite reasonable. The additional residential use has been proposed in the east of town between the existing and proposed bye-passes. The main commercial business is being done in the narrow streets/ bazaars of the existing town. Another potential area for this purpose which is on the present bye-pass has been proposed for commercial activity. An area of 135.00 hectares has been proposed for commercial use in sector- 2, 3 and 9, and a commercial pocket existing in industrial sector 15 and 16 was planned by Haryana Urban Development Authority to cater the need of commercial activities of this sector.

Detailed documentation regarding Sohna’s Master Plan 2021

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Sohna Master Plan 2021

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Sohna Master Plan 2021

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Sohna Master Plan 2021


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