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The objective of the Seraikela Master Plan 2040 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Seraikela Master Plan 2040.


Seraikela Master Plan 2040 has been created for Seraikela. Seraikela is situated on bank of the Kharkai River in southern Jharkhand. It is well connected with Jamshedpur via land route. The city lies exactly on the meridians 22.717 latitudes & 85.950 longitudes. Situated on the banks of Kharkai river town is based in the southern section of Jharkhand State. Lush greenery, hillocks & sufficient number of water streams characterizes the location. Adityapur-Chaibasa road (SH-5) bisects it across north-east & south-west axis. The Seraikela town has a geographical area of 5.62 sq. kms. The town is situated at a distance of 42.2 kms. From the industrial capital (Jamshedpur) and is connected by State Highway which passes through the centre of the town.

Vision of Seraikela Master Plan 2040

There has been a serious understanding of the issues and problems cropping out of the unplanned growth of 9 towns of Jharkhand (Cluster –C). The towns are mostly beset with a number of planning and development challenges that warrant immediate attention in the interest of planned development and public good. Among these issues, mention can be made of amorphous and haphazard growth, dilapidated urban infrastructure, disposition of incompatible land use, poor economic and industrial base, degradation of environment, traffic chaos etc. Government of Jharkhand (GoJ) in association with the Urban Development Department (UDD), Jharkhand has taken the initiative to prepare the Master Plans of small and medium sized towns across 9 towns of Jharkhand (Cluster –C). The principal aim of the project is to formulate strategies and prepare draft master plans for planned development of towns.

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Objective of Seraikela Master Plan 2040

The objective of the preparation of Master Plan is to provide sustainable vision document, land use map and road map for balanced growth of town by regulating present and future spatial development envisaged for the horizon year, 2040. Make proposals for fixing the use of land for purposes such as residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, recreational and other uses. Proposal for the fixation of land for public purposes such as schools, colleges and other educational institutions, markets, social welfare and cultural institutions, theaters and places  of public entertainment or public assembly, museums, art galleries, religious buildings and other amenities. Provide sustainable expansion of urban infrastructure facilities viz., water supply, sewerage and drainage, solid waste management, transport, health care, education etc. Assess the urban poor in income generation activities, improving the quality of their physical environment and enhancing their access to basic services like safe drinking water and sanitation, primary health care and education.

Detailed documentation regarding Seraikela’s Master Plan 2040

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Seraikela Master Plan 2040

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Seraikela Master Plan 2040

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Seraikela Master Plan 2040


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