SDG Vision Document 2030 Haryana with focus on raising GSDP

Haryana's SDG "Vision Document 2030" launched today with the objective of increasing the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth to 9.8 per cent. Here are the details of the Vision Document 2030.


SDG Vision Document 2030 Haryana with focus on raising GSDP

Vision Document 2030 Haryana released today with the key objectives of increasing the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth to 9.8 per cent and developing industrial clusters in each district of the state.

Document also aims to create 18 Lakh new jobs, raise skilled manpower of 5 Lakh and provide 24-hour electricity, among others and ensure the participation of 30 per women in the work force, the environmental indicators included waste and garbage collection and arrangement of 100 per cent toilets and sewerage, 20 e-waste and solid waste management plant, renewable energy of 14.5 per cent of the total energy, complete ban on stubble burning, establishment of 400 climate smart villages and to check the depletion of water table.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Vision Document 2030

  1. Ensuring that economic growth is accompanied by commensurate employment growth
  • Creating more jobs
  • Taking cognizance of the impending closure of demographic window in policy making and implementation
  • Addressing the shortage of skilled labour
  • Improving women’s participation in the workforce
  1. Improving access to education
  • Ensuring that children enjoy universal access to quality education; improving on the learning levels which are currently low
  • Reducing student dropout rates at every level
  1. Improving access to basic services for general population
  2. Enhancing state capacity in terms of quality and number of human resources, improving monitoring and evaluation capacity and ensuring a secure environment
  3. Improving investments in the social sector which have suffered due to debt burden and uneven revenue growth

Strategies for SDG Vision Document 2030

The ambitious targets and commitments set for 2030 call for a new way of governance instead of the business-as-usual. Haryana must upgrade to a modern digital state with IT @ Core for all sectors. The sustainable development of Haryana is only possible if the state follows five principles in the new way of governance. These are;

  • Integrated planning and decentralized implementation instead of business-as-usual route of working in silos
  • Focusing of equitable development instead of business-as-usual scenario of gender-based and regional imbalance
  • Building human capital through education attainment and skill enhancement instead of business-as-usual promotion of economic growth sans job growth
  • Citizen centric services promoting rule of law, transparency, accountability, instead of business-as-usual scenario of difficulty in accessing the essential services for common man
  • Green growth instead of business-as-usual approach of promoting infrastructure and physical growth but depleting natural resources

Haryana is well placed to be one of the most developed states of India by 2030 and is committed to ensuring through its vigorous integrated approach to development that none of its citizens is left poor, uneducated, undernourished and uncared for by 2030.

Detailed Documentation of Haryana’s Vision Document 2030


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