SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031 Report, SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031 Map

SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031 has been created for SAS Nagar.


SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031 has been created for SAS Nagar. SAS Nagar is well linked to the surrounding region by a satisfactory network of National Highway, State Highway and other major district roads. NH-22 and NH-64 runs along the periphery of SAS Nagar connecting to the other districts in Punjab and neighboring states. NH 21 connects SAS Nagar via Kharar to the Northern part of the State of Punjab such as, Jalandhar, Amritsar etc and SH-12b connects to Fatehgarh Sahib and Sirhind.

The National highway NH22 also connects it to the State of Haryana and further to Delhi which is 244 km away. NH 22 is being upgraded to dual 3 lanes which would increase the road capacity and shorten travel time to three hours. The SAS Nagar LPA is strategically situated immediately to the south – west of the capital for the state of Punjab and Haryana in Chandigarh, which is also an administrative centre for both the states of Punjab and Haryana.

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Besides the relatively good road connectivity; there is a vital rail link which is currently linking Chandigarh to New Delhi via Ambala. There is a new rail link which connects Chandigarh to SAS Nagar and further to the rest of Punjab. The rail line forms the southern border of SAS Nagar and is on a raised embankment. This railway line is completed and waiting for it to be commissioned.

Vision SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031

The vision for SAS Nagar is to create a `premier township’ in the Greater Mohali area of Punjab and as the benchmark for other towns in India to emulate. It will be a showcase environment for its citizens to live, work, play, learn and strike business deals.

Objectives of SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031

  • To develop SAS Nagar as the CBD and financial and administrative centre of the Greater Mohali area and the destination for business and centre for civic and cultural activities.
  • To integrate the planning and development of SAS Nagar with Chandigarh and the adjourning towns.
  • To provide a variety and range of housing types for the working and living community within the SAS Nagar
  • To provide world class infrastructure and utilities including a comprehensive transportation system facility that will satisfy the needs of the locals and foreign investors.
  • To provide a high quality environmental living with emphasis on a whole range of supporting social facilities and mandatory open space provision.
  • To provide good landscaping and to maximize the potential of the rivers and water bodies by injecting leisure activities along the banks.
  • To provide good accessibility with efficient road system to the Chandigarh International Airport, the Railway station and adjourning towns and cities.
  • To optimize the use of land around the International airport by safeguarding sufficient land around it for the aviation hub uses.
  • To safeguard and enhance the premium land value along the major highways and high visibility locations.
  • To create a conducive environment through a range of recreation facilities with golf courses, country clubs, sports complexes, parks and recreation open spaces.
  • To develop modern retail, hotel and commercial facilities such as retail malls, entertainment, and shopping for the living community as well as the foreign tourist. The CBD within SAS Nagar will be the nerve centre and the dominant focal point for the GMADA area.
  • Develop world class educational and research institutions including medical colleges and hospitals as tourism drivers.
  • To develop a whole range of social and other community facilities to support both the living and working community within the local plan area including religious temples.
  • To ensure a high environmental quality by planning for only non-pollutive and eco-friendly industry.

Detailed documentation regarding SAS Nagar’s Master Plan 2031

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SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031

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SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031

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SAS Nagar Master Plan 2031


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