Rewari Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Rewari Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Rewari Master Plan 2021.


Rewari Master Plan 2021 has been created for Rewari. Rewari town lies in the extreme south of the state and is situated at a distance of 93 kilometers from Delhi towards its south-west. Its distance ranges between 6-10 kilometers from Delhi-Jaipur National Highway 8. As far as Delhi (capital city) and its environs are concerned, the National Capital Region Planning Board, Government of India in conjunction with the town planning department of the adjoining states namely U.P., Rajasthan and Haryana have brought out a National Capital Regional Plan in order to balance the development of the region.

Rewari town is the priority town, proposed in the regional plan. The regional plan had anticipated a population of 1.10 lacs by 2001 A.D. Hence a focused Rewari Master Plan 2021 has been created.

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Vision of Rewari Master Plan 2021

The Rewari town which was earlier a Tehsil Headquarter of district Mahendragarh was upgraded to the level of district headquarters in the year 1989. Moreover, the Government of India has approved the development of an industrial growth centre at Bawal which is located on the National Highway No. 8 at a distance of 90 kilometers from Delhi. For Bawal growth centre approximately 1200 acres of land has been acquired and is being developed rapidly and it is situated mainly on a linear belt along National Highway. The site of industrial growth centre at Bawal is located at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers from Rewari town.

The Rewari development plan 2021 has been prepared in such a way so as to integrate the Rewari town with the National Highway at the shortest distance by providing the linkage of the existing town with the National Highway through a new proposed 120 meter wide central arterial road apart from other new major roads.

Objective of Rewari Master Plan 2021

In this draft Rewari development plan 2021 care has been taken to maintain the existing character of the town, which is developed on a radial pattern and not on the gridiron pattern. The existing town is linked through the newly proposed 120 meters wide central arterial road with the National Highway by providing commercial areas and beautiful vista/street picture on both sides of this central arterial road as well as by providing beautiful land scaped garden at the entry point of this central arterial road on National Highway No. 8. The future town is planned on grid iron pattern.

Detailed documentation regarding Rewari’s Master Plan 2021

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Rewari Master Plan 2021

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Rewari Master Plan 2021

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Rewari Master Plan 2021


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