Ramgarh Master Plan 2041 Report, Ramgarh Master Plan 2041 Map Detail

The objective of the Ramgarh Master Plan 2041 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Ramgarh Master Plan 2041.


Ramgarh Master Plan 2041 has been created for Ramgarh. Ramgarh is situated 335 meters (average) above mean sea level at latitude 23.62° North and longitude 85.48° East, and located in central part of the state. The town is bounded by Lapung Block towards west, Ormanjhi Block towards South, Patratu Block towards west, Gola Block towards East. It is surrounded by coal-fields at Rajrappa, Laiyo, Ghato, Bhurkunda, Topa, Sarubera, Urrimari, Sayal, Gidi etc. Patratu Thermal Power Station is about 30 km from Ramgarh. The ward demarcation has not been done for Ramgarh Nagar Parishad as yet. The town is located about 48 km North West of Ranchi town and 120 km North East of Dhanbad town. The nearest airports are Kolkata and Ranchi. Ramgarh Nagar Parishad is the District headquarters. As per census 2011, it is a tier- 3 city. Ramgarh Nagar Parishad contributes about 39% of the urban population in the district.

Vision of Ramgarh Master Plan 2041

As the vision for town is derived from experienced and valuable thoughtful suggestions from citizen and technical advisors of town, Ramgarh is planned to serve its needs of citizen for horizon year 2041 and to raise standard of living to the minimum goals and scale level indicators as set in the URDPFI vision for Urban Centers (Cities/Town). A pro interim stepwise strategy is proposed for the town to achieve the status proposed in the Master Plan. For this, the planning strategy has been sub divided in sector level strategy. Each sector shall be governed by its detailed strategy adopted from ongoing and upcoming technology and prevailing city level infrastructure. Many urban form elements contribute to the feel and function of a neighborhood. Based on the concept of neighborhood there are certain parameters which will define the growth of smart neighborhood.

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Objective of Ramgarh Master Plan 2041

As per powers inherited by the Act JMA-2011, State Government has appointed the Consultant to prepare the GIS based Master Plan / Zonal Development Plan for Ramgarh Nagar Parishad. As per the further proceedings it has been agreed in the Meeting dated 9/11/2016 under the chairmanship of principal secretary, UDHD, Jharkhand at premise of UDHD, Ranchi, it has been decided that under subject of Preparation of Master Plan for Ramgarh City Municipal Council (Group ‘A’), The Master Plan Planning Area, 2041 would be considered as “The Consultant has to take double the area of administrative area of respective ULBs in the Master Plan. The double area has to be decided based upon the present growth pattern and the geographical condition of the respective ULBs.” After considering the input from Public representatives and Technical advisors involved in the planning process in the stakeholder meeting dated 09-02-2017 at collectorate building, it has been agreed upon that total planning area shall be comprised of existing nagar Parishad area having area 151 Km Sq as per notification issued from state govt. which is verified from ULB officials. As per area mentioned in census 2011, it has been found that the area under municipal notified boundary is 137.5 Km Sq as per villages notified as urban for aforesaid Urban Area.

Detailed documentation regarding Ramgarh’s Master Plan 2041

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Ramgarh Master Plan 2041

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Ramgarh Master Plan 2041

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Ramgarh Master Plan 2041


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