Rajpura Master Plan 2031

Rajpura Master Plan 2031 has been created for Rajpura district.


Rajpura Master Plan 2031 has been created for Rajpura District. Rajpura is an important subdivision / tehsil of Patiala district of Punjab which is situated 26km to the north-east of Patiala city along N.H-I and N.H-64. Rajpura is situated nearly 40 km south east of Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab. Regional location of Rajpura is very ideal as two National Highways cross through it viz. NH-1 & NH-64. Rajpura acts as middle point between Amritsar and Delhi on NH-1 as both these cities are 225 km away from Rajpura in opposite directions. It is a first railway junction of Punjab on Delhi – Amritsar railway line. Another railway line is diverted towards Bathinda and Rajasthan.

It lies 40 km south-east of Chandigarh, the capital town of Punjab and 22km from Ambala. LPA Rajpura touches Greater Mohali Region, L.P.A Banur in the north, L.P.A Patiala in the south, L.P.A. Fatehgarh Sahib in the west, L.P.A S.A.S Nagar, L.P.A Lalru, river Ghaggar and Haryana State boundary in the east. It is very well connected by road and rail network with major cities of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, J&K and national capital i.e. Delhi. The town is the first railway junction in Punjab. It is a railway junction on the Delhi – Amritsar railway line. Here two major rail lines are diverted in two directions i.e. one towards Amritsar and Jammu and the other towards Bathinda and Rajasthan. Thus it is regarded as ‘Gateway of Punjab’ as all roads and rail transport touch Rajpura for the routes going to other major cities of Punjab, Haryana as well as Jammu & Kashmir. The nearest upcoming Chandigarh International Airport is at a distance of 32 Kms. L.P.A Rajpura lies between 30˚22′ N-30˚37’30”N Latitude and 76˚30′ E – 76˚48′ E Longitude.

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Rajpura Master Plan 2031 LPA

L.P.A. Rajpura comprises of 166 villages. Total notified area of L.P.A Rajpura based on census-2001 works out to 41961 hectares; however, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre has calculated the area as 41767 hectares. This discrepancy is due to the area of village Chharwar H.B.no.230 which as per revenue record and P.R.S.C works out to 336 hectares instead of 538 hectares mentioned in census handbook 2001. Therefore for the purpose various calculations and study, area as supplied by P.R.S.C. Ludhiana has been adopted in preparation of Rajpura Master Plan 2031. L.P.A Rajpura includes eight villages namely Khalawar, Budhanpur, Chharwar, Salempur, Bhagwanpur, Paragpur, Manoli Surat and Jhajon of district S.A.S Nagar. Out of 166 villages, three complete villages namely Rajpura, Bir Rajpura and Banwari and 8 part villages namely Shamdo, Pahar Kalan, Dhakansu Kalan, Islampur, Dhamoli, Nilpur, Said Kheri, Kharajpur have been merged in Municipal Council area of Rajpura. L.P.A Rajpura has a total population of 2,61,344 persons as per census 2001 out of which urban population is 82,956 persons and rural population is 1,78,388 persons. The jurisdiction of L.P.A extends upto village Kehargarh, village Gurditpura and village Khera Gajju in the north, village Jhajon, village Tepla and village Rajgarh in the east, village Kabulpur and village Pipal Mangholi in the south, and village Takhtu Majra, Gopalpur and village Abdulpur in the west. The physical extent and boundaries of L.P.A and list of all rural settlements covered under the jurisdiction of L.P.A Rajpura is given in Annexure II. Accordingly, Chief Town Planner, Punjab has been designated as the Planning Agency for L.P.A Rajpura vide notification no. 12/72/2006-4HGI/9841 dated 17-12-2007.

To develop Rajpura town and its surroundings in an orderly manner and to prepare its Rajpura Master Plan 2031 under “The Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act ‘1995’ Local Planning Area was declared under section 56(1) of ‘The Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development(Amendment) Act, 2006’ vide notification number 12/72/2006-4 HGI/9835 dated 17-12-2007.

Vision Rajpura Master Plan 2031

To develop and nurture the industrial, trade & commerce spectrum of Rajpura by striking a balance in the distribution of predominant land uses i.e. residential, industrial and commercial uses with enhanced physical connectivity in terms of  road, rail and freight corridor in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Supporting the earlier elaborated vision is a set of development objectives with reference to the relevant strategies recommended for L.P.A Rajpura as a part of Rajpura Master Plan 2031:-

  • To make land allocation for various land uses in an environmentally sustainable manner especially reserve large area under industrial use in and around town as it is going to develop as a major industrial town in times to come which was an earlier trend long time back.
  • To strengthen the basic infrastructure favorable for Thermal Plant, I.T/Knowledge city Projects and Logistic Corridor along with Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor.
  • To ensure efficient transportation system by:-
  • Effectively planning the traffic and transportation within L.P.A.
  • Effectively managing the traffic and transportation within the town through the mechanism of rationalizing the land use pattern defined in the Master Plan.
  • Ensuring safety, mobility and efficiency of inter and intra town traffic.
  • To optimize the use of available land resource through well defined development norms and to minimize diversion of valuable agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes.
  • To identify manmade architectural, natural heritage and to make heritage conservation as an integral part of the town/ L.P.A planning and development process.
  •  To maintain and preserve existing drains, minors and distributaries so that natural disposal of water remains uninterrupted.
  • To plan L.P.A as an integrated single unit with strong forward as well as backward linkages.
  • Other objectives related to urban management, urban finance and local economic development etc. are outside the scope of Master Plan and hence not deliberated.

Detailed documentation regarding Rajpura’s Master Plan 2031

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