Prithla Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Prithla Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of Prithla Master Plan 2021.


Prithla Master Plan 2021 has been created for Prithla. Prithla is located in National Capital Region at National Highway number-2 (Delhi-Mathura road) between Faridabad-Ballabhgarh and Palwal. Nearest railway stations are Ashawati, Ballabhgarh and Palwal and the nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. It is geographically located at 28°13’ North Latitude and 77°18’ East Longitude.

The Government of India in year 2007 decided to construct a Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor linking Delhi and Mumbai namely Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor. As per the alignment surveyed by RITES, the proposed 2762 kilometers corridor will enter Haryana in District Mahendragarh near Narnaul and pass through District Rewari, Dharuhera, Taoru, Sohna and Asaoti near Prithla from where it is proposed to go to Tuglakabad (New Delhi) and Dadri (U.P.).

Vision of Prithla Master Plan 2021

First Final Development Plan for Faridabad-Ballabgarh controlled area was published on 19th January, 1966. Since Faridabad-Ballabgarh complex was an important industrial town, therefore, Department continued to declare additional controlled areas around this urban complex and also amended Development Plan from time to time. The last Final Development Plan 2011 was published on 17th December, 1991 for a population of 17.5 lacs which is operational at present. Palwal, a sub-divisional Headquarter, is located at a distance of about 22 kilometers from Faridabad-Ballabgarh complex. The controlled area around Palwal was declared on 17th September, 1974 and Final Development Plan 2001 was published on 27th February, 1978. The last Final Development Plan-2021 A.D. for this town was published on 18th November, 1998 for population of 4.0 lacs persons and is operative at present.

Objective of Prithla Master Plan 2021

The proposed township which is located quite close to Delhi and also has good connection with the surrounding areas is proposed to be developed mainly as industrial and logistic hub. Trend of development is observed mostly on Prithla-Dudhola road and Prithla-Jatola road in a haphazard way. Therefore, controlled areas around industrial/religious sites and Expressway have been declared to prevent ill and haphazard Development. In order to prepare a meaningful, realistic and pragmatic Draft Development Plan inconsonance with Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Global Corridor Plan and alignment of Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor, it is imperative to include adjoining parts of Controlled Areas of Faridabad-Ballabgarh and Palwal Final Development Plan which stands published on 17th December, 1991 and 18th September, 1998 as per which land use of the areas adjoining Prithla Controlled Area is Agriculture. Development Plans of Faridabad-Ballabgarh and Palwal would also be partially modified to the extent of urbanization proposals given in the Draft Development Plan of Prithla Controlled Area in the adjoining area of Faridabad-Ballabgarh and Palwal Controlled Areas.

Detailed documentation regarding Prithla’s Master Plan 2021

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Prithla Master Plan 2021

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Prithla Master Plan 2021

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Prithla Master Plan 2021



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