Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030 Report, Phulwarisharif Maps, Plan Details

Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030 has been created for Phulwarisharif. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030.


Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030 has been created for Phulwarisharif. The population has increased from 15,917 in 1971 to 81,649 in 2011 with growth rate registering an increase from 42.69% during 1971 to 1981 to 52.75% during 2001 to 2011.

Phulwarisharif is a satellite town of Patna strategically located between Patna and Danapur at a distance of 7 Km from Patna. The town is an important religious centre in the state. The town is well connected on the NH 98 connecting Patna with Arrah. Phulwarisharif town is spread over 6.48 sq km and is divided into 28 wards. The municipality was established in 1978.Phulwarisharif is an important exporter of cotton yarn. Services and trade and commerce contribute maximum to the economy while agriculture also plays a significant role.

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Although tourism has not much contributed towards economic generation of the town yet it has immense potential for economy generation through tourism. There are so many historic religious places like Hazrat Pir Mujibullah dargah, Khanqah Mujeebia Khanqah Faridia & Sheesh Mahal, Qazi Noorul Hasan Memorial School, Sangi Masjid and Lal miyan ki dargah.

Vision of Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030

The vision for Phulwarisharif was derived on the basis of the status assessment of the city, stakeholder consultations and focused group discussions. Participatory consultations during the visioning process concluded that there is need to revive growth and improve the overall quality of life of its citizens. The identified Vision is as follows:

 “To develop Phulwarisharif as a satellite town of Patna with quality infrastructure services and facilities, good governance, planned development, clean environment and preserving its religious heritage.”

 The identified vision forms the basis of sector-specific strategies adopted in framing the action.

Growth Strategies of Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030

  • To ensure accessibility of safe drinking to all on equitable basis
  • To establish an effective waste water collection, treatment and disposal system in order to promote safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere
  • To establish an effective rain water collection system thereby reducing the water logging during the monsoons and collection of the runoff for utilization during the dry seasons
  • To establish and maintain an effective and sustainable waste management practices in the city
  • To improve the condition of the roads and provide adequate, safe and user friendly public transportation system in the city
  • To make Phulwarisharif a “slum free city” by upgrading the service levels in the slums on par with the city.

Detailed Documentation of Phulwarisharif’s Master Plan 2030

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Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030

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Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030

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Phulwarisharif Master Plan 2030


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