Parwanoo Master Plan 2001

The objective of the Parwanoo Master Plan 2001 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Parwanoo Master Plan 2001.


Parwanoo Master Plan 2001 has been created for Parwanoo. Situated at an altitude of about 750 meters in Solan district, Parwanoo town has 30 51’ North Latitude 76 57’ East Longitude. The town is spread in an area of 2.94 square kilometers having present population of about 5866. It is connected by roads from Delhi, Chandigarh, Patiala, and Ludhiana, Shimla, Kinnaur and Sirmaur districts. Located on the bowl shaped table land, the town is surrounded by Tiron-Ambota-Gumman range, Parwanun hill and Thadugarh Dhar. Beside table lands along Kaushalya river/rivulets, terrain is steep and hilly, Geological formation generally is of sand, stone and clay.

Vision of Parwanoo Master Plan 2001

Parwanoo town will realize high growth on account of probability of establishing large and medium scale industries, hotels, warehousing and material yards. In view of natural growth, rural-urban migration, better quality of life and job opportunities, it is anticipated that decadal growth rate of population in Parwanoo Planning Area during 1991-1995, 1995-2001 will be 100% and 52.72% respectively. On the basis of aforesaid growth rate, population of Parwanoo Planning Area will be 28000 persons in 2001. The development plan contemplates allocation of developable land for different uses to meet requirements for next 15 years i.e. up to year 2001 and also envisages sector wise break up of proposed land use structure.

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Objective of Parwanoo Master Plan 2001

An area of 82.88 hectares has been earmarked for residential use in eight sectors depending upon availability of developable land. For commercial development 25.22 hectares has been allocated. Besides existing commercial area, shopping areas have been proposed in each other according to threshold population. Keeping in view suitability of location for industrial activity near National Highway on Kaushalya River terrace at Kamli in sector III and on Kasauli road at Tiron in sector – VIII, an additional area of 25.84 hectares has been proposed at these sites. Facilities and services have been allocated an area of 28.97 hectares, out of which 4.29 hectares is existing area and 24.68 hectares additional area in different sectors.

Detailed documentation regarding Parwanoo’s Master Plan 2001

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Parwanoo Master Plan 2001

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Parwanoo Master Plan 2001

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Parwanoo Master Plan 2001


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