Mullanpur Master Plan 2031

Mullanpur Master Plan 2031 has been created for Mullanpur. Mullanpur is envisioned to rise as a distinctive and sustainable playground of the Greater Mohali Area.


Mullanpur Master Plan 2031 has been created for Mullanpur. Mullanpur Local Planning Area is in the north-east of GMADA (Latitude: 30° 49′ 60 N, Longitude: 75° 40′ 0 E). It is bounded by the existing MDR B and MDR C. Part of the planning proposal include the construction of 4 other roads namely PR 3, PR 4, PR 6 and PR 13.

The Mullanpur LPA is bounded by both Chandigarh and S.A.S Nagar. It is also nearby to the industrial town, Baddi, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Once the GMADA expressway is constructed, the Mullanpur LPA will be made more accessible to towns like Baddi and Anandpur Sahib.The Mullanpur LPA presents opportunity for a well managed Eco-town environment with a variety of new and exciting developments to encourage diversified growth in tourism that balances economic growth with environmental, cultural and community values. The rivers and water bodies within the local planning area offer opportunity for the development of Mullanpur as a Waterfront Urban Village.

Vision Mullanpur Master Plan 2031

The GMADA Structure Plan has mapped out a vision towards a city of excellence for the Greater Mohali Area and its six local planning areas of SAS Nagar, Zirakpur, Kharar, Mullanpur, Banur and Derabassi, covering a land area of 1190 sq km for a population of 4.5 million. The city of excellence vision is guided by the principle of attaining a balanced development within the Greater Mohali Area:

  • Preserving natural, unique, historical and open space resources to achieve a more wholesome, vibrant and sustainable lifestyle;
  • Introducing critical strategic economic growth initiatives including technology-knowledge business park corridors;
  • Promoting a comprehensive planned township that will enhance quality living, ensuring accessibility and managing overall growth.
  • Under the vision of Mullanpur Eco-town, Mullanpur is envisioned to rise as a distinctive and sustainable playground of the Greater Mohali Area. The existing rivers and their surrounding waterfronts will be enhanced to become prime physical assets of Mullanpur. Mullanpur will enjoy the distinction of being Punjab’s first eco-town.

Objectives Of Mullanpur Master Plan 2031

Mullanpur Eco-town offers a new lifestyle for the 21st century. It is planned with new ideas to:

  • Protect unique environmental, historical and cultural resources;
  • Capitalize on the regional assets and resources to promote dynamic and sustainable economic development;
  • Ensure equitable distribution of resources environmental, economic and social.
  • Emphasis is placed on encouraging consolidated growth around public transport and urban centre nodes, and building well-serviced and well-connected communities with distinct local character and identity. Its unique features will include renewable energy, solar and wind energy usage, water recycling, zero effluent discharge, zero or low carbon impact development, abundant greenery and a walk able environment. Mullanpur will become a town that is in harmony with its environment and nature.

Detailed documentation regarding Mullanpur’s Master Plan 2031

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Mullanpur Master Plan 2031

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Mullanpur Master Plan 2031

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Mullanpur Master Plan 2031


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