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Motihari Master Plan 2030 has been created for Motihari. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Motihari Master Plan 2030.


Motihari Master Plan 2030 has been created for Motihari. Motihari is Northwestern town in state of Bihar. The Municipality of Motihari was established in 1879 and now it is the district head quarter of East Champaran .The population growth of the town has been recording fluctuating trends in the past decades. There has been unique upsurge in the population growth in the decade 1971-81 when the population growth rate shot up by a whopping 56% which was caused due to the large influx of refugee population from Bangladesh erstwhile East Pakistan in the wake of the war of independence of Bangladesh.

The growth rate came down successively yet recorded higher trends at 34% in 1991 and 30% in 2001. This has been due to the facts that the town being the Administrative Headquarter and enjoying strong connectivity and at the same time being bestowed upon with the availability of ample infrastructure facilities- giving push to the growth of the town.

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The main features that have shaped the development of the city are its topography and the transportation routes. Motihari is located at the geographical co-ordinates of 26.650 North Latitude and 84.920 East Longitude. The Motihari town has developed along and on both sides of the Moti Jheel and along the main access road towards Muzaffarpur and West Champaran (Bettiah). The town has development towards North West side and South West side of the town along the National Highway 24-A and State Highway 54 towards Raxaul. Encroachments are observed at Moti Jheel and along its embankments, people have built their houses.

Vision of Motihari Master Plan 2030

Motihari Master Plan 2030 is both a perspective and vision for the future development. Motihari Master Plan 2030 is essentially a participatory process and is based on invaluable inputs received from the various stakeholders and the officers associated with the development of the city. This Master Plan, therefore, truly reflects the vision of the citizens including the poor and the slum dwellers and the members of Motihari Municipal council along with other officials who are determined to make Motihari a futuristic city in the next few years.

“To Develop Motihari as Rapturous city having attraction of Aqua-tourism with Agro -processing based marketing / Trading”

During the individual discussions and during the workshops the stakeholders discussed and debated the various issues and have articulated that the Vision for Motihari Master Plan 2030 should consider the following aspects-

  • An environment friendly city with excellent infrastructure and sustainable development.
  • Development of a Slum free and pollution free city.
  • Promote it as a Tourist hub.
  • Planned residential layouts with provision of social and physical infrastructure.

Motihari Master Plan 2030 Existing Land Use

There is no land use map available in Motihari; the municipalities only have the tentative percentages of land use. At present Motihari has the highest percentage of residential count (65.2 percent) of land use Laheria sarai, Krishna Nagar and railway colony are the foremost residential areas of the city. The majority of these areas are unplanned or clustered. Commercial count is 2.1 percent of the total land use and comprises an area of 28 hectares.

Growth Strategies of Motihari Master Plan 2030

  • To assure adequate and equitable water supply daily and for reasonable length of time.
  • To provide citywide coverage of sewerage and sanitation system to make it environmentally safe.
  • To establish an effective rain water collection system thereby reducing mixing of rain and sullage water and reducing the incidence of water logging during monsoons.
  • To establish and maintain an effective and sustainable waste management practice in the city.
  • To improve the condition of roads and provide adequate, safe and user friendly public transportation in the city.
  • Service provision and universal access to all basic urban services at an affordable cost.

Detailed Documentation of Motihari’s Master Plan 2030

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Motihari Master Plan 2030

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Motihari Master Plan 2030

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Motihari Master Plan 2030


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