Mayyar Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Mayyar Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Mayyar Master Plan 2021.


Mayyar Master Plan 2021 has been created for Mayyar – a village in Haryana. Village Mayyar is located about 15 kilometers from away from Hisar right on the D.H.S road leading from Hisar to Delhi. It is a small village of nearly 4000 population developed on both sides of the National Highway No. 10. The village has almost all the facilities and amenities ought to be required for such size of settlement.

Vision of Mayyar Master Plan 2021

The village is located almost in between the controlled area, Hisar and controlled area, Hansi. The National Highway No. 10 remained uncontrolled for the last many years in and around the village. As a result of this gap in between this controlled area, unauthorized construction have started coming up in the form of industrial development. Keeping in view the growing unplanned growth along the D.H.S road, controlled area was declared around the middle school, Mayyar and published in the Haryana Government Gazette dated the 30th December 1986 – Vide Haryana Government, Town and Country Planning Department notification no. 1344–10 DP–86/18258, dated the 18th December 1986. The main aim to declare controlled area around Mayyar was to check and regulate the unauthorized and haphazard growth of urbanization along D.H.S road. Hence Mayyar Master Plan 2021 has been developed for Mayyar controlled area.

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Objective of Mayyar Master Plan 2021

The reason for the declaration of controlled area around Middle school, Mayyar was different from that of controlled area in declared around other urban settlements. Keeping in view the vulnerability of the portion of D.H.S road through this village, whole of the controlled area in Mayyar Master Plan 2021 has been earmarked as agricultural zone excluding the 30 meters green belt left on both sides of the Highway.

Detailed documentation regarding Mayyar’s Master Plan 2021

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Mayyar Master Plan 2021

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Mayyar Master Plan 2021

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Mayyar Master Plan 2021


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