Mandola Housing Scheme nearly 4000 constructed flats lying unsold

Mandola Housing Scheme nearly 4000 constructed flats lying unsold says UP Housing Board, because of Farmers demand of hike in compensation.


Mandola Housing Scheme nearly 4000 constructed flats lying unsold

Mandola Housing Scheme near Delhi border in Loni nearly 4000 flats constructed are unsold because of the farmers protest over increase in compensation says UP Housing Board.

Since December last year, nearly 550 buyers have taken back their booking amount and the board had to return nearly Rs 36 crore to them. Apart from cancelled bookings, there are 4000 constructed flats in Mandola Housing Scheme which are unsold because the farmers demand increase in compensation but their petitions were dismissed by the high court. The administration has deployed nearly 200 police personnel to keep a vigil and prevent any disruption in the ongoing work.

Mandola Housing Scheme, the project is spread over 2,610 acre of land on state highway 57 and intended for development of 12,000 housing units. Of 12,000, a total of 4,000 flats were given for occupancy but bookings for 4,000 constructed flats are still awaited. At present, nearly 2,300 acre out of 2,610 acre is acquired and farmers have taken up their compensation as well before giving compensation.

Because of the tag of farmers the Scheme is facing issues, for any hike in compensation the farmers have to move to Supreme Court. As a result of cancelled bookings and lack of buyers, for Mandola Housing Scheme there is price escalation of an average of 9-10% in the cost of flats.

Land acquisition started in 1998 after imposition of the emergency clause. Farmer continued with their demand of hike in compensation despite their petition being dismissed.

The district administration had also intervened and held meetings with farmers’ groups. During the meetings a lot of issues were discussed and sorted out. However, the entire scenario has hindered the overall progress of the Mandola Housing project. Attempts were made by the administrative officials to pacify the farmers but certain elements indulging in local politics have kept the pot boiling.

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