Lottery Draw Results Paikarapur Bhubaneswar Nov 2016

Lottery Draw Results Paikarapur Bhubaneswar Nov 2016 - BDA Housing. Find lottery draw results Paikarapur proceedings, process and result files.


Lottery Draw Results Paikarapur Bhubaneswar – BDA Housing Project

Proceedings of the meeting of lottery draw results Paikarapur for selection of individual flat numbers & formation of agency for the allottees of BDA housing project, Paikrapur-I (plot no.1531) and BDA housing project, Paikarapur-II (plot no.1604) in the auditorium of Institute of Engineers, Bhubaneswar.

The process of Lottery for allotment of individual Flat No started as per schedule at 10.00AM on 16.11.2016 under the Chairmanship of the Secretary-cum-Member Estate BDA and supervision of independent Observer Sri. Bhaskar Chandra Saha), Rtd. District Judicial Judge. At the outset the Secretary-tcum- Estate Member, BDA welcomed all the Members, Observer, Staffs as well as allottees and their authorised representatives present in the Auditorium of Institute of Engineers, opposite side of Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar for the purpose of conduct of lottery for selection of individual flat number & formation of Agency for the allottees of BDA Housing Project, Paikarapur-I (Plot No-1531) and BDA Housing Project, Paikarapur-II (Plot No-1604) as per BDA Property (Management & Allotment) Regulations 2015.

Process for the Lottery Draw Results Paikarapur Bhubaneswar – BDA Housing Project

In the Lottery Draw Results Paikarapur two types of token (one containing the Name of the allottee with UAN Number and the other containing the Block No. Floor No and Flat No) were prepared. Two allottees of the above category were invited to verify and fold the tokens and drop the same into transparent Lottery boxes kept in front of Observers. The allottees after verification put the tokens into Lottery Box kept in front of the Observer and Members. Then one token from the box containing allottees name and one token from box containing flat number’s were drawn by the allottees invited to the dias.

The allottees who participated in the drawal of lottery are requested to pickup token out of the Lottery Box and put their full signature on the backside of the combined tokens and the said final tokens were authenticated by the Observer (Rtd. Judicial District Judge and Secretary-cum-Member Estate, BDA. Thereafter the name of the allottee was announced by the Secretary cum Member Estate BDA in the presence of allottees and the same was kept in the final transparent box. The entire process for Lottery Draw Results Paikarapur was displayed on the screen and video recording of the entire process was done.

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