Kotkapura Master Plan 2031

Kotkapura Master Plan 2031 has been created for Kotkapura district. The objective of Kotkapura Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and Land Use Planning framework to achieve the Vision of LPA Kotkapura.


Kotkapura Master Plan 2031 has been created for Kotkapura district. Kotkapura is the largest town of district Faridkot and is an important commercial centre of this area. It is situated in the south–western part of Punjab in Malwa region of the State which is known as Cotton belt of this State.

Kotkapura is located at a distance of about 130 Kms towards south from Amritsar about 44 Kms. Towards north of Bathinda. It is an important railway junction on Bathinda– Ferozpur section of railway line. It is connected with Ferozpur, Bathinda, Delhi and Fazilka by broad gauge railway line. It is connected with Moga in east and Muktsar in west by State Highway. The National Highway No.15 passes through the town connecting Bathinda in South, Faridkot and Amritsar in North. LPA Kotkapura extends from 30°-29′-37″N to 30°-39′-18″N latitude and 74°-41′-02″ E to 74°-57′-19″E longitude.

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LPA Kotkapura is located in Malwa Region of southern parts of Punjab. It extends from 30°-29´-40˝ Ń to 30°-39´-18˝N latitude and 74°-44´-30˝E to 74°- 58´-32˝E longitude. Its hinterland is fertile and rich agricultural land. It has a good regional connectivity by railway lines with Bathinda, Ferozepur and Fazilka.

Kotkapura Master Plan 2031 LPA

Kotkapura with its population of 80785 is the largest town of district Faridkot. The town enjoyed the status of most important commercial centre of the district because of which its growth impulses have led to grow outside the limits of Municipal council on several sides. Recognizing the need for regulating the development of the entire influence area of Kotkapura town, Government of Punjab initially declared the Kotkapura Local Planning Area (LPA Kotkapura) in March, 2008 and subsequently further amended the boundaries in May 2010 for Kotkapura Master Plan 2031. The Government also designated the Chief Town Planner, Punjab as the Planning agency to prepare the Master Plan 2031 of LPA Kotkapura. The LPA Kotkapura comprises one town Kotkapura and 16 villages. The total area of LPA Kotkapura is 241.37 sq.kms.out of which 24.42 sq.kms is municipal area and the remaining is rural.

The process of preparation of Kotkapura Master Plan 2031 for Local Planning Area Kotkapura was started with the delineation of Local Planning Area of Kotkapura. The Local Planning Area (LPA) Kotkapura was first notified under section 56 (1) of “The Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development (Amendment) Act” 2006 in the official gazette vide notification no. 12 / 7 / 08-4HGI / 2020 dated 14–3 08. In continuation of the above notification dated 14/03/2008 government has altered the boundaries of LPA Kotkapura within the meaning of Sub Section 7 of section 56 of Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2006 vide notification No. 12/7/08 – 4HG – 1/1425 dated 20.5.2010. As per this notification LPA Kotkapura includes Kotkapura Municipal Council and 16 (sixteen) villages. All of these villages fall within the administrative boundaries of District Faridkot. The total area of LPA Kotkapura works to be 24137 Hectares as per revenue records where as Punjab Remote Sensing centre PAU Ludhiana provided this figure as 24184 hectares.

Local Planning Area Kotkapura has a population of 142767 persons as per 2001 census out of which 80785 persons are urbanites whereas remaining 61982 persons are ruralties. Local Planning Area Kotkapura spreads over an area of 8 24137 hectares out of which about 2442 hectares (5540 Acres) is urban area that of Municipal Council Kotkapura which is 10.12% of total LPA Area whereas the remaining is rural and agricultural area which is 89.88% of LPA area.

Vision Kotkapura Master Plan 2031

To project Kotkapura as a hub of agro-based industries and to revive its commercial supremacy by providing high quality physical and social infrastructure to all of its citizens in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable manner.

The objective of the Kotkapura Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and Land Use Planning framework to achieve the Vision of LPA Kotkapura. More specifically following are the objectives:

  • To make Kotkapura town as the most vibrant economic centre to promote the balanced regional growth.
  • To make land allocation in an environmentally benign fashion.
  • To minimize haphazard, unplanned, and sub-standard growth and development of the city and to achieve planned growth to create healthy environment.
  • To effectively manage the traffic and transportation within the city through the mechanism of rationalizing the land use pattern defined in the Master Plan.
  • To make land available for public purposes.
  • To minimize travel within the city by creating self contained and self sufficient communities.
  •  Adequate parking spaces to be created in the city as an integral part of commercial, industrial, and institutional planning and development process.
  • To strengthen the basic infrastructure favorable for agro based Industries.
  • To rationalize the distribution of physical and social infrastructure in order to ensure appropriate quality of life to all the residents of the city.
  • To identify man-made and natural heritage and to make heritage conservation as integral part of the city planning and development process.

Detailed official documentation regarding Kotkapura’s Master Plan 2031

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Kotkapura Master Plan 2031

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Kotkapura Master Plan 2031

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Kotkapura Master Plan 2031


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