Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021.


Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021 has been created for Kharkhauda. The town is located between 28° 48’ 30’’ and 29° 17’ 54’’ north latitude, 76° 28’ 30’’ and 77° 13’ 40’’ east longitude. Kharkhauda town is situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Delhi and 18 kilometers from District Headquarter, Sonipat. This town is well connected with Delhi state and interior of the state by road network.

Kharkhauda town has derived its name from Kharkhauda. The town came in existence during the Shahjah and the town was late the corum of Kharak by Sh. Uda and the town at the time was surrounded by dense forest. The block development office was established in the town in 1956.

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Vision of Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021

Keeping in view the natural trend of growth as well as prospectus and limitation for its future development, the town is proposed to expand towards eastern side to integrate with Industrial Model Township (IMT) which is to be established along Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) expressway. The proposed circulation Pattern and distribution of land uses has been integrated with existing town and Industrial Model Township (IMT) which is proposed along the eastern site of express highway. In order to accommodate the projected population of 125000 persons up to 2021 AD, the proposals have been given as industrial, residential and other necessary land use into mind in a coordinated way.

Objective of Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021

The Draft Development Plan for Kharkhauda town has been prepared for 125000 population to be achieved by 2021 AD. As per census 2001, the existing population of town is 18763 since existing town is lacking the modern facilities it is resulting in a uniform population density of 250 persons per hectare throughout the residential areas of the town including the existing town area. Therefore, The Draft Development proposals have been made to accommodate and additional population of about 106000 persons. The gross population density of the town is about 40 persons per hectare whereas residential density has been proposed 250 persons per hectare.

Detailed documentation regarding Kharkhauda’s Master Plan 2021

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Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021

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Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021

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Kharkhauda Master Plan 2021


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