Kharar Master Plan 2031


Kharar Master Plan 2031 has been created for Kharar. Kharar Local Planning Area is located adjacent to SAS Nagar towards the north west of Chandigarh. It is well-served by NH95, NH21 and MDR A. Kharar is a town and a municipal council in Mohali district in the state of Punjab. It is at a distance of about 10 km from Chandigarh City, 15 km from Chandigarh Airport and about 4 km from Mohali. Kharar is located at 30° 44′ 4″ N, 76° 38′ 52″ E. It has an average elevation of 297 m.

Kharar Master Plan 2031 LPA

This Master Plan for Kharar LPA for the planning period 2008 – 2031, is developed from the GMADA Regional Plan submitted in December 2008 which offers a broad framework for the entire Greater Mohali Region. Concurrently, Kharar Master Plan 2031 is intended to fulfill the statutory requirements per Section 70 of the Punjab Regional & Town Planning & Development Act, 1995.

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Kharar LPA is located strategically adjacent to two major urban centres:

  • Chandigarh, the capital of the States of Punjab and Haryana, and;
  • SAS Nagar, Mohali, the administrative seat of the 18th District of Punjab.

Under the provisions of the Punjab Town and Regional Planning and Development Act, 1995 with the notification (No. 13/52/2006-1HG3/7743 dated 14th August 2006), GMADA is officially established and is henceforth, responsible for areas falling in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar District and adjoining areas falling in other Districts. As such, the Census 2001 captures the population prior to the establishment of GMADA and classifies the population census under the 2 Districts, namely, Roopnagar and Patiala, under which GMADA is formed. Kharar is the second most populated urban settlement in GMADA Area. As of 2001 India census, Kharar had a Urban population of 42,289. No of HouseHolds are 8,118. It has 15.3% of GMADA Area’s Urban Population which has 4.9% Population Growth. The population of the GMADA area in 2001 was 711,210 persons, with 38.9% of the population classified as urban. The urban population of the GMADA area is highly concentrated in the city of S.A.S Nagar (44.6%), with the remaining 55.4% spread across nine other towns. Kharar accounts for approximately 15.3% of the urban population in the GMADA area. As of 2001, the urban population of Kharar was 42,289 in 8,118 households.

Vision Kharar Master Plan 2031

With respect to Kharar’s unique location within GMR, it is possible to formulate unique planning vision for Kharar LPA, in the medium-term as well as in the long-term.

The short-term planning vision for Kharar LPA is:

Kharar is to be a comprehensively developed urban area to complement Chandigarh and SAS Nagar, Mohali, collectively the two most populated area in Punjab and the GMR.

The medium and long-term vision for Kharar LPA is:

Kharar is to be a fully-integrated and well-connected sustainable city complete with cultural and built heritage amidst rapid development and competition for limited resources within an ever-changing ever-evolving millennium.

Objectives Of Kharar Master Plan 2031

  • To develop Kharar city as financial capital, commercially and industrially vibrant eco-friendly city of state of Punjab providing assured employment and quality living to all its existing and future residents.
  • To provide variety and range of housing types for working and living communities within LPA, Kharar.
  • To plan LPA as an integrated and single unit with strong forward as well as backward linkages.
  • To provide efficient Transportation System.
  • To provide state of the art, infrastructure like education, health, religious, recreational etc.
  • To provide utilities that will satisfy the needs of the residents of Local Planning Area.
  • To safeguard and enhance the premium land value along the major highways and high visibility locations.
  • Decongestion of core areas.
  • To streamline the energy of young population.
  • To promote Rain Water Harvesting.
  • To promote an eco-friendly Solid Waste Management system.
  • To introduce the concept of Mixed Land use for the localities which through the history of growth of town had remained under mixed use and the nature of use is such which does not include obnoxious, hazardous or highly polluting activities and from where it is difficult to shift the mixed use to other areas specified for that particular land use.

Detailed documentation regarding Kharar’s Master Plan 2031

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Kharar Master Plan 2031

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Kharar Master Plan 2031

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Kharar Master Plan 2031


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