Kapali Master Plan 2041 Report, Kapali Master Plan 2041 Map, Details

The objective of the Kapali Master Plan 2041 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Kapali Master Plan 2041.


Kapali Master Plan 2041 has been created for Kapali. Kapali Nagar Parishad, the newly formed statutory town, is located in the northern part of the Saraikela-Kharsawan district between 85°30’14″E to 86°15’24″E and 22°29’26″N to 23°09’34″N with an average altitude between 209 meters to 178 meters above mean sea level. Kapali Nagar is moderately-connected by roads to Ranchi and other major towns in eastern India as well as other important regional towns within Jharkhand and also with the surrounding states. The district is well served by a network good roads viz. Ranchi- Jamshedpur State Highway runs through this district. National Highway NH-33 passes through the Chandil Block connecting Kapali with cities like Ramgarh, Ranchi in the west and to Deoghar and Jagannathpur on the eastern side. The internal roads of Kapali are in very bad condition.

Vision of Kapali Master Plan 2041

The role of a vision statement is to provide a picture of how Kapali would develop by 2041. The vision statement is inspiring and articulates the hopes and dreams of the population and set the direction for future planning. “To develop it as a Self-Sustained and Dynamic Economy driven by Service Sector to provide high quality life.” This vision statement is a guideline of what will actually occur, a wish list of desirable and attainable ends. It is a statement of what is possible for Kapali to achieve, through proper mobilization of all the available resources (human, organizational, technological and financial), generating the required will and making the necessary effort.

Objective of Kapali Master Plan 2041

  • Putting the scarce land resource to its optimum utilization via provisioning of amenities as required by vision year.
  • Planning of land-use system compatible with transport sub-system as per modern planning concepts as Transit Oriented Development (TOD), etc.
  • To ensure pedestrian mobility for accessing the amenities by planning residential grids in radial street network for the town
  • To intake the envisaged urban sprawl of existing urban agglomeration as per its settlement hierarchy.

Detailed documentation regarding Kapali’s Master Plan 2041

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Kapali Master Plan 2041

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Kapali Master Plan 2041

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Kapali Master Plan 2041


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