Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021.


Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021 has been created for Kapal Mochan. Kapal Mochan is a historical place of religious importance situated at a distance of about 24 Kilometers from Yamuna Nagar towards its North near Bilaspur. It is approachable by a link road of about 2.5 Kilometers length from Yamuna Nagar–Sadhaura-Narain Garh-Panchkula State Highway which further leads to Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. According to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva freed himself from the sin of chopping the brain-pan of fifth head of Lord Brahma’ by taking bath in the water of ‘holy tank’ situated here, hence the name ‘Kapal Mochan’. There are two other tanks named as Rin Mochan’ and Surajkund’ stated to be of Mahabharata times and related to Pandavas. In the fifteenth and seventeenth century, the Sikh Guru Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji visited this place. The local clergy have hand written documents of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to prove the point. Every year during the month of October-November, the people from far off places visit the place, when three days’ state fair’ known as ‘Kapal Mochan Mela ‘is organized. The devotees take a dip in the holy tanks. It is estimated that about 3 to 5 lac pilgrims visit this place every year.

Vision of Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021

Since the religious activity is restricted to about a week’s period in a year, for the remaining part of the year the place remains an utter state of neglect. The District Administration makes arrangements for transportation, public utilities and stay of pilgrims. The community based voluntary groups also contribute to the efforts of constructing Dharamshalas, shops etc. The buildings are constructed along the roads without leaving any setback and space for parking etc. creating bottlenecks for the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic. In order to check spontaneous growth and have blue print of orderly development of this place the controlled area was declared in the year 1998 vide Haryana Government Town and Country Planning Department Notification no. CCP (NCR) PA/Y-3/425 dated 20th March 1998.

Objective of Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021

Brief description of land use proposal under Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021 is as follows:

  • Public Utilities: An area of 5 acres has been proposed to accommodate Public Utilities for example Water Work, Electric Sub-Station, Drainage and Sanitary installation etc.
  • Open Space and Green Belts: In order to maintain clean, serene and salubrious environment of the place and make provision for landscaping an area of 36 acres has been earmarked under open spaces and green belts.
  • Agriculture Zone: The remaining areas under control have been proposed for agriculture.
  • Special Zone: Keeping in view the religious character of the place and existing land uses the provisions of special zone has been made comprising an area of 123 acres.

Detailed documentation regarding Kapal Mochan’s Master Plan 2021

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Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021

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Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021

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Kapal Mochan Master Plan 2021


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