Kalanaur Master Plan 2031

The objective of the Kalanaur Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of Kalanaur Master Plan 2031.


Kalanaur Master Plan 2031 has been created for Kalanaur. Kalanaur is a significant town of Rohtak District in State of Haryana situated on Delhi Rohtak- Bhiwani road. It is situated approximately 100 kms away from National Capital Delhi situated towards the western side of Delhi. It is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Rohtak and 28 kms from Bhiwani. The town of Bhiwani is towards the western direction, historical town Meham is situated in the northern side and Beri is situated in the southern direction of Kalanaur. The Delhi-Bhiwani broad gauge railway line passes through the town. Kalanaur is also surrounded by a group of small villages which includes Kherdi, Baund, Pilaur, Katesra, Gudhan, Sanghadhera, Ningana, Aanwal, Jindraan, Lahlii, Mokhra and Basana etc.

Vision of Kalanaur Master Plan 2031

The Draft Development Plan Kalanaur 2031 AD Or Kalanaur Master Plan 2031 has been prepared for the projected population of 52,000 persons by the year 2031 AD, which will be implemented in a phased manner with town density of 85 persons per hectare. The existing town in the urbanisable area covers the total built-up area of about 251.8 hectares and it will accommodate the population of about 19,350 persons. The planning in this area is conspicuously absent and it is thickly populated. The residential density proposed is 250 persons per hectare.

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Objective of Kalanaur Master Plan 2031

Apart from the proposal to increase the density, the following provisions have also been made in Kalanaur Master Plan 2031:

  • The additional area for infrastructure shall be provided in the already planned / developed residential sectors to meet out the requirement of the additional population.
  • The minimum width of the roads in a residential colony / sector shall not be less than 12 metres.
  • The minimum area for parks /open spaces in a residential colony/ sectors shall be planned in such a manner that it shall meet the minimum norm of 2.5 sq. metres per person.

An area of about 18.6 hectares has been provided in part sector- 3 7 and 9 for commercial uses viz whole sale trade, warehousing, storage etc. All residential sectors would be developed on neighborhood planning concept. The local commercial needs of each sector would be accomplished within those sectors by developing local shopping centres. A grain market exists in sector-9, which has been incorporated in the plan.

Detailed documentation regarding Kalanaur’s Master Plan 2031

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Kalanaur Master Plan 2031

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Kalanaur Master Plan 2031

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Kalanaur Master Plan 2031


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