Kaithal Master Plan 2031

The objective of the Kaithal Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of the Kaithal Master Plan 2031.


Kaithal Master Plan 2031 has been created for Kaithal. Kaithal district is bounded by Punjab in the north and north-west, Jind district in the South-west, Panipat and Karnal District in the south- east and Kurukshetra district in the north-east. Kaithal town is located 48 Kilometers to the west of Kurukshetra. It is situated at 290 42‟9” North latitude and 760 23‟49″ East longitudes. The main town is picturesquely situated on the bank of an extensive artificial lake called the “Bidkiyar Lake “. It is linked with surrounding important towns by metalled roads viz Karnal (60 kilometers), Jind (55 kilometers), Kurukshetra (48 kilometers) and Ambala (80 kilometers). Kurukshetra-Narwana railway-line also passes through this town.

Vision of Kaithal Master Plan 2031

In order to check haphazard development of the town, due to immigration of rural population, there was a need for declaration of controlled area around municipal town of Kaithal. For this reason, State Government had declared controlled area and additional controlled area around municipal town of Kaithal vide notification No. 9858-VDP-71/3652 dated 25th August, 1971 and 1100-2TCP-77/8332 dated 15th March, 1977. Draft development plans of the controlled area up to the year 2001 AD and 2021 AD for the projected population of 1 lac persons and 3 lac persons respectively were published on June 16, 1981 & April 4, 2007. With the upgradation of the administrative set up of the town, installation of sugar mill and economic activities of the new grain market, immigration of rural population has increased manifold, resulting in haphazard development in form of unauthorized colonies. Hence, there was a need to prepare the Draft Development Plan for the perspective year 2031 AD for the projected population of 4.65 lacs persons. This led to the preparation of Kaithal Master Plan 2031.

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 Objective of Kaithal Master Plan 2031

Keeping in view the physical growth of the town and growth along the intersection points of roads to Guhla, Ambala, Thanesar, Karnal and Jind, the physical expansion is proposed circumferentially. The major planning considerations have been considered while preparing the Kaithal Master Plan 2031 so as to take full advantage of the existing components and the infrastructure of the town. The major area for the proposed development plan has been chosen in the north and north-east of the existing town as it is comparatively free from any kind of water logging and flooding. On the south of existing town across the Narwana-Thanesar railway line, there is a new developed mandi of Colonization Department. The road system has been provided in such a manner that the outer ring road proposed as V-1 with 75 meters width from Jind road to Ambala-Guhla road in south and north-east and V-3 with 45 meters width from Guhla road to Jind road in the North and west will act as a bypass for the existing town. The existing bye-pass with minor changes in the alignment is converted into centre road of the town as V-1 road with existing width from which town level facilities such as commercial and public and semi-public uses etc. are easily accessible.

Detailed documentation regarding Kaithal’s Master Plan 2031

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Kaithal Master Plan 2031

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Kaithal Master Plan 2031

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Kaithal Master Plan 2031


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