Hathin Master Plan 2031

The objective of the Hathin Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Hathin Master Plan 2021.


Hathin Master Plan 2031 has been created for Hathin. It is situated on Palwal-Hathin-Punhana Scheduled Road at a distance of about 16 kilometers towards south-west from Palwal town. It is very well connected with the surrounding towns/villages with metalled road. Sohna is about 29 kilometers and Nuh at 25 kilometers from here. It is also connected with Delhi-Mathura road by metalled road taking off from village Aurangabad.

Hathin is a tehsil headquarter of district Palwal. Study of this area reflects that the prime indicators of backwardness of this area are illiteracy, drought, floods, inadequate irrigation facilities and absence of alternative opportunities of employment other than agriculture. Hathin is a town as per census of India 2001.

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Vision of Hathin Master Plan 2031

Hathin is a small but important nodal town for surrounding area. It is very well connected by road and is a big Mandi township. In order to channelize the development in a planned manner and to control the haphazard and piecemeal growth, the Government in the 3rd November, 1981, declared controlled area under Section 4 of the Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Areas Restriction of Unregulated Development Act, 1963 (41 of 1963) vide notification No. 9950-10 DP-81/10669, dated the 5th September, 1981, which was published in Haryana Government Gazette dated the 3rd November, 1981. A Draft Development Plan for 2021 AD or Hathin Master Plan 2021 was published vide Haryana Government, Town and Country Planning, notification no. CCP (NCR)/PWL/DDP-HTN/2009/1086 dated the 21st April, 2009, for a projected population of 38000 persons by the year 2021 AD. However, the same could not be achieved in the absence of any induced growth of population and out migration. As per census of 2001, the population of Hathin is 10913 persons. The need of its revision has arisen due to the fact that the town is witnessing growth in a haphazard manner.

Hathin has very slow rate of growth of population. The area around the town being primarily agricultural, there has been migration of population. To eliminate the industrial backwardness, it is proposed to induce industrial activities in the town, which will give boost to the development of other commercial and allied activities. Foreseeing the opportunities and potential of the town, in view of its proximity to the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Global Corridor and the newly created district of Palwal the Draft Development Plan, Hathin or Hathin Master Plan 2031 has been prepared for a population of 46000 for 2031 AD assuming the growth rate as 60% and 65% respectively for 2011-2021 and 2021-2031 AD.

Objective of Hathin Master Plan 2031

The main concept, in envisaging the development plan of Hathin, is to extend the existing settlement in a planned manner to accommodate the future developments. Various major land uses have been proposed in such a manner as to enable the integrated development of the existing settlement. There are sufficient vacant pockets of land within the former boundaries of Municipal limits, which can be developed.

Detailed documentation regarding Hathin’s Master Plan 2031

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Hathin Master Plan 2031

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Hathin Master Plan 2031

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Hathin Master Plan 2031


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