Greater Noida Master Plan 2021

Greater Noida Master Plan 2021 has been created for Greater Noida City. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Greater Noida Master Plan 2021.


Greater Noida Master Plan 2021 has been created for Greater Noida City. The city of Greater Noida is strategically located in the National Capital Region. It is neither too near the capital to lose its independent identity as a ‘Modern City‘, nor is it so far so as to negate its accessibility and approachability. It is the one of the handful of composite greenfield cities created in India after Chandigarh. Even at present, it is perceived as a city with excellent infrastructure, green and relaxed in its ambience, at the same time giving a boost to pollution free industrial development. In encouraging the private sector in the process of development as well as for maintenance of infrastructure the city is in tune with the global perspective of development which adds credibility to its ambition to be a world class city.

Regional Connectivity to Greater Noida

  • The regional level linkages are vital for development of new town. The linkages should be provided for quick uninterrupted access to the city. The concept therefore envisages adequate regional level linkages to the area.
  • From Delhi to Noida- access via DND flyway to the Noida- Greater Noida Expressway which is now proposed to be extended up to Agra.
  • Another link is proposed from Noida via Okhla barrage through the Master Plan Road No 3, extending it across the river Hindon and providing access to the area in between NH 24 and the Entry Road.
  • A link will also be available from the Eastern peripheral Expressway of the NCR plan-2021 at NH 24 interchange point.
  • From NH 24 a 60 m wide link is planned to the area on north of Entry Road.
  • Link to surrounding areas of Uttar Pradesh shall be available via NH-24 By-pass in the northern side and from G.T. Road in the eastern side of the area.
  • Plans are also on the anvil to provide commuter rail links from Tughlakabad in Delhi via Noida up to Boraki/Dadri in Greater Noida. The alignment for the same has been finalized by the Railways.
  • For movement of goods traffic, the ICD has been located near Dadri and functional, will be provided with rail linkage from Tughlakabad.
  • Link with Delhi Metro for Noida to Greater Noida by a Rapid Rail transit system as per provision in the NCR plan-2021.

Objectives of the Greater Noida Master Plan 2021

It is expected that with the achievement of objectives that are a part of Greater Noida Master Plan 2021, the city would be able to provide to its inhabitants and environment and life-style which would enable them to be competitive globally.

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  1. To create a modern, efficient city.

Comparable with international standards in terms of:

  • Infrastructure – Hard and soft.
  • Urban Design and Aesthetics.
  • Which would be a land of plenty , where supply always exceeds demand and,
  • Where the quality of life would be distinctive.

2.  To evolve a city with an ambience.

  • Marked by its green landscapes, and
  • Characterized by flowers and fountains mirroring the city’s relaxed life-style.

3. To proactively attract investors- Industrial, Institutional, Recreational land Residential – Though a modern, efficient, investor-friendly and people-friendly urbanization.

4. To involve the existing rural population in the process of urbanization, so that they also partake in the benefits flowing there from.

5.To have a forward looking, holistic plan this exhaustively provides for all issues related to urbanization.

Detailed documentation regarding Greater Noida’s Master Plan 2021

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Greater Noida Master Plan 2021

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Greater Noida Master Plan 2021

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Greater Noida Master Plan 2021


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