DDA Lottery Draw Result 2017, Over 12,000 Picked To Get DDA Delhi Flats

Delhi Development Authority organised lottery draw for its Housing Scheme 2017. Applicants can check for their names in the winner list here.


DDA Lottery Draw Result 2017, Over 12,000 Picked To Get DDA Delhi Flats

DDA Lottery Draw Result 2017: At the Delhi Development Authority headquarters, anxious applicants waited for nearly two hours for the result. About 100-plus people turned up at the DDA office, close to 50,000 people saw it live on webcast. Officials said the draw was conducted in a transparent manner using a random number generation technique. The seed numbers for applicants and flats were picked in the presence of many people. The entire process was computerised, told principal commissioner housing, DDA.

A computerised draw of lots was held on 30-11-2017 at 11 am in the presence of judges, who were not the employees of DDA for DDA Delhi Awasiya Yojana 2017. In this computerized draw, flats have been allotted only on provisional basis to the successful applicants. The applicants can check for their names from the link – DDA’s Lottery Draw Result 2017Live streaming was also made available at DDA Draw Live.

Land-owning Authority, which had been planning for this scheme for over a year, had received close to 46,000 applications for the flats, a majority of which were returned by allottees of the 2014 housing scheme. The flats were returned due to various factors, including small room sizes and lack of infrastructure in these areas.

Though DDA had allowed people to see the flats before applying for the scheme, a majority of successful applicants had not seen them.

After DDA Lottery Draw 2017, demand-cum-allotment letter will be issued only after verification of the documents, to be furnished by the successful applicants, as per the eligibility criteria of the brochure and filled in by the applicants in the application forms. If it is detected at any stage that allottee is not eligible due to wrong information/concealment of facts given in application form, the allotment shall stand cancelled.

Allottees will get three months to deposit the money. After that, they will have to pay 12% interest.

Check DDA’s Lottery Draw Result 2017

Source – Times of India



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