Chandigarh Master Plan 2031

The Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 is the first comprehensive plan for developing the city and its periphery within the UT boundary after a spate of adhoc developments impacting its periphery.


Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 expects a symbiotic relationship with the regional urban areas. It expects that the three partners in development, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh UT, should have an understanding and coordination between themselves for sharing key responsibilities. This is for locating some of the spillover infrastructure components of Chandigarh in their territory. This is to be done in view of the land constraints within the city as well augment the physical and social infrastructure in their respective towns to reduce pressure on Chandigarh. A sensitive and coordinated development is required to safeguard the regions natural and man made heritage.

Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 is the first comprehensive plan for developing the city and its periphery within the UT boundary. This is after a spate of adhoc developments impacting its periphery. Some basic postulates for planning need to be emphasised in this context.

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  1. Chandigarh shall be planned in the context of the region emerging as a result of dedicated efforts of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh which surround the city. This postulate accepts the Territorial Development Strategy in the neighbouring region and confines itself to the UT boundary.
  2. Population Dispersion Strategy and the Housing Strategy for CMP 2031 accepts that balanced regional development of the city can be achieved with the New Towns Development within the region.
  3. The Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 envisages that the Metro Plan shall consist of the boundaries of the Sub Regional Divisions of Punjab and Haryana to qualify it for the Integrated Transport and Infrastructure policies as well as the Airport Development Strategy. Together these shall constitute aspects of shared responsibility between Chandigarh UT, Punjab and Haryana.
  4. Developments shall be guided along desirable lines in the new areas. Organic pattern of villages where necessary shall be preserved and conserved. Conservative surgery where unchecked growth has taken place shall be resorted to. Development of villages shall take place as per notified Village Plans.
  5. Chandigarh’s architecture shall preserve the vitality of all public and private buildings. Public open spaces shall be created as vibrant community spaces and the left out monuments envisaged by Le Corbusier shall be completed. Urban design shall be the guiding principle for improving the quality of inner and outer spaces.
  6. To make the city more green, more eco friendly, more people friendly, more walking and biking friendly. Mechanism of creating city forests shall be used for improving the micro environment and flora and fauna in the city.
  7. Due regard shall be given to preserve the bountiful natural heritage of forests, wild life sanctuary, green spaces and water bodies within and around the city.

Area included in Chandigarh Master Plan 2031

Chandigarh Master Plan 2013 is an attempt to provide a comprehensive holistic vision document. This was prepared after undertaking an exhaustive stocktaking of the ground realities and enunciating future growth and development strategies and directions for the entire area under the jurisdiction of the Union Territory of Chandigarh. The Master Plan area thus spreads across the entire 114 sq km of the area of the Union Territory of Chandigarh. The area also includes the census town of Manimajra.

Manimajra has grown from a small settlement having an ancient history to an area under extreme pressure for development due to:

  1. Its prime location on the Chandigarh Kalka Highway
  2. Its proximity to the main city of Chandigarh and the expanding existing towns
  3. Development of new towns in the State of Haryana.

Detailed documentation regarding Chandigarh’s Master Plan 2031

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Chandigarh Master Plan 2031

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Chandigarh Master Plan 2031

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Chandigarh Master Plan 2031


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