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Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 (Draft) Report, Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 Maps

Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 (Draft) has been created for Bhadrak. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Bhadrak Master Plan 2030.

Bhadrak Master Plan 2030
Bhadrak Master Plan 2030

Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 (Draft) has been created for Bhadrak. Bhadrak is the twelfth largest district of Odisha in terms of population and in terms of area it stands at 27th rank in state. Bhadrak district is sub divided into 12 sub districts with four urban centres. Total population of Bhadrak district is 15 Lakh and urban population is 1.85 Lakhs which is 12 % of the total population.

Bhadrak town is located at 21°-1’ N – 21°-7’ N latitude and 86°-27’ E – 86°-34’ E longitude with an altitude of 25 metres above sea level. The river Salandi divides the Bhadrak town into two halves in North-East and South-West direction.

Vision of Bhadrak Master Plan 2030

The role of a vision statement is to provide a picture of how Bhadrak would develop in coming years. The vision statement should be inspiring. It should articulate the hopes and dreams of the population and set the direction for future planning.

 “Unleash the industrial potential of Bhadrak along with administrative centre and achieving development sustainability”.

This vision statement of Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 is neither a prediction of what will actually occur, nor simply a wish list of desirable but unattainable ends. Rather, it is a statement of what is possible for Bhadrak to achieve, through proper mobilization of all the available resources (human, organizational, technological and financial), generating the required will and making the necessary effort.

Objectives of Bhadrak Master Plan 2030

Based on this vision the Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 plans to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create an image befitting that of headquarter of Bhadrak District;
  • Develop an integrated intra-urban transport system (MODERN TRANSIT SYSTEM);
  • Create affordable housing for all;
  • Bring in system in the land development process;
  • Better quality of life through improved physical & social infrastructure facilities;
  • Strengthen the economic base and generate employment opportunities by optimum utilization of available resources;
  • Develop as one of the most favored investment destination;
  • Conservation of natural resources, heritage and local art & culture

The Bhadrak Master Plan 2030 is a policy framework for decisions that affect the physical, social and economic environment of the Town. It represents goals and strategies to guide the Town over the next 20 years. The Plan provides vision, direction and a defined achievable future for the Town by establishing specific goals and strategies for land use; community appearance and design; housing and neighborhoods; jobs and economic vitality; transportation; public services and facilities; natural resource protection; open space and recreation; history, arts and culture; and regional coordination. It is also the basis for taking day to day decisions on land use conversion that follow an optimistic and hopeful long term vision.

Detailed Documentation of Bhadrak’s Master Plan 2030 (Draft)

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Bhadrak Master Plan 2030

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Bhadrak Master Plan 2030

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Bhadrak Master Plan 2030



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