Beri Master Plan 2031

The objective of the Beri Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Beri Master Plan 2031.


Beri Master Plan 2031 has been created for Beri. Beri town is 12 Kilometer away from the district head quarter Jhajjar. Being a town of National Capital Region, the town has potential for its development. Beri town was a large village before the formation of the Municipal committee. It is also a Haryana Vidhan Sabha Constituency after the creation of Haryana on 1st November, 1966. The first Chief Minister of the State, Dr. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma was from this town.

Beri is a historical town in existence from pre-Mahabharata period. The famous Bheemeshwari temple, is situated on the outskirts of the town which is connected to many folktales relating to one of the Pandavas -Bhimsen. The temple attracts large crowd from many surrounding villages. Beri also used to host the largest cattle fair of India.

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The town was declared as a Municipal Committee in the year 2001. Beri Municipal Town had a small population of 14,067 in 1981 & now as per 2011 Census the Population of Beri is 15,934. Further, it is an important service centre owing to the formation of a sub divisional Head Quarter of Jhajjar District in the year 2010. SDO (Civil) office, Tehsil office and a Judicial Court has also been established in Beri town. With a view to regularize urban development in a planned manner, the Haryana Govt. had declared Controlled area around existing town of Beri vide Haryana Government Notification No.CCP(NCR)/JH/BERI/CA/2009/180 dated 03.02.2009.

 Vision Beri Master Plan 2031

Beri being sub-divisional headquarter with B-class municipality has a great potential. It acquired political importance during last two decades. The town is not only spearheaded politically, but also has been in forefront in social and cultural activities of the region. With a view to regulate urban development in a planned manner, Haryana Government has declared controlled area around the existing town of Beri vide Haryana Government Notification No. CCP (NCR)/JH/BERI/CA/2009/180 published in Haryana Govt. Gazette dated 03.02.2009 under section 5(4) of Act No. 41 of 1963.

Objective Beri Master Plan 2031

With coming up of the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway in the vicinity (approximately 20 Kilometers away) towards east to this town and the setting up of Industrial model Township, Indian Institute of Management, Institute of Hotel Management, Indian Institute of Fashion Technology at Rohtak, the demand of land in this town has increased. Beri town is emerging as an important service centre for the rural hinterland as is evident from its agro based activities. As per decision of the Govt. the Draft Development Plan -2031 AD, Beri Master Plan 2031 has been proposed with a residential density of 250 PPH and a gross town density of 75 PPH envisaging a projected population of 28,000 persons by 2031 AD.

Detailed documentation regarding Beri’s Master Plan 2031

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Beri Master Plan 2031

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Beri Master Plan 2031

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Beri Master Plan 2031


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