Assandh Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Assandh Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Assandh Master Plan 2021.


Assandh Master Plan 2021 has been created for Assandh. The town of Assandh is situated at the Karnal-Jind scheduled road at a distance of 45 kilometers from Karnal, 45 kilometers from Kaithal, 45 kilometers from Jind, 45 kilometers from Panipat, 15 kilometers from Safidon, 30 kilometers from Kohand, 30 kilometers from Nissing and well connected by roads  to the above town as well as with other states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh etc. Approximately 200 Nos. of buses pass through the town daily at the frequency of 20 minutes for different destinations.

Geographically it is situated at 20° 30’ North latitude and 76° 45’ East longitude at 237 meters above sea level.

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Vision of Assandh Master Plan 2021

In order to channelize the development in a planned manner and to provide modern living to the people and to control the haphazard and piecemeal growth, it had become necessary for the government to declare the controlled area around Assandh town. Thus vide Haryana Government, Town and Country planning Department Notification No. CCP (NCR) CAA (K)/2006/26, dated the 3rd January, 2006 controlled area was declared which was published in Haryana Government Gazette dated the 17th January, 2006. The controlled area was declared under section 4(1) (a) of the Punjab schedule Roads and Controlled Areas Restriction of Unregulated Development Act, 1963 (Punjab Act 41 of 1963), vide drawing no. DTP (K) 1241/2004, dated the 22nd July 2004.

Objective of Assandh Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Assandh Master Plan 2021 is being planned for a population of 79000 persons by the year 2021 AD. The development of existing Assandh town is within Municipal Committee and mostly along the Karnal road. The said factor has been kept in mind on priority while planning the area and the maximum planned residential area for this town has been kept along Karnal road. To keep harmony with the present growth trends the proposed development of the town is envisaged in the form of extension of the existing town. The overall development planned proposed to divide the entire development plan area into sixteen sectors containing various urban land uses like residential, institutional, industrial, commercial etc. The location of these land uses has been proposed keeping in view the existing conditions, geographical aspect, easy traffic flow and convenience to the future and present land uses.

Detailed documentation regarding Assandh’s Master Plan 2021

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Assandh Master Plan 2021

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Assandh Master Plan 2021

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Assandh Master Plan 2021


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