Arrah Master Plan Report 2030, Arrah Master Plan Map 2030 & Details

Arrah Master Plan 2030 has been created for Arrah. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Arrah Master Plan 2030.


Arrah Master Plan 2030 has been created for Arrah. Arrah is the administrative headquarter of Bhojpur district as well as the only Class –I town in the district. It is the seventh most populated town in Bihar and ranks sixth in the state in terms of area. The Arrah Nagar Panchayat was established in 1929 and was upgraded to a Municipal Council in 2002 and to a Municipal Corporation in 2007.

The Arrah Municipal Corporation (AMC) covers an area of 30.97 sq. km. The town had 32 Wards as per the Census 2001 but following the realignment of ward boundaries in 2007; the town has 45 wards as on date. Arrah is well connected with other parts of the country by rail and road – it is located at a distance of 60 km by road from Patna. The town has no airport with the nearest being in Patna.

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Advantage of Arrah is in its good road connectivity with the state capital and its being a district headquarters. The presence of perennial sources of water like the Ganga and Son Rivers are major factors for the agri dependent economy.

Vision of Arrah Master Plan 2030

The Vision for Arrah has been derived through a participatory process taking into consideration the current assessment of the city, stakeholder consultations and focused group discussions. The identified Vision is as follows:

“To transform Arrah into a vibrant regional economic hub with good quality services and infrastructure that enhances the quality of life of local citizens”.

 The City Vision is an important step in the development of the Master Plan since it captures the aspirations of a city in the years to come. The Vision of Arrah Master Plan 2030 is the guide to deciding sector-specific approach, action planning and phasing of interventions.

Growth Strategies of Arrah Master Plan 2030

  • To ensure access to safe water supply including drinking water to all.
  • To increase coverage of the city with an underground sewerage system and promote environmentally safe sanitation practices.
  • To establish an effective rain water collection system thereby reducing mixing of rain and sullage water and reducing the incidence of water logging during monsoons.
  • To achieve environmentally sustainable waste management practices in the city.
  • To improve the condition of the roads, decongest the city core and provide adequate, safe and user friendly public transportation system in the city.
  • Provision of universal access to all basic Urban services on an affordable cost.

 Detailed Documentation of Arrah’s Master Plan 2030

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Arrah Master Plan 2030

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Arrah Master Plan 2030

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Arrah Master Plan 2030


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