Agroha Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Agroha Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of Agroha Master Plan 2021.


Agroha Master Plan 2021 has been created for Agroha. Agroha is located on longitude 75°-38’-0” East and latitude 29°-19’-0” North and at a distance of 23 kilometers from Hisar on the National Highway 10. It links the villages with Hisar-Rohtak and Delhi in the East and Fatehabad-Sirsa-Dabwali-Ferozpur in the West. It is also directly linked by road with nearby villages and town like Adampur, Barwala and Bhuna.

Agroha owes its origin to Agrasain, the ancient name of the town was Agro-Daka as revealed on the coins found during excavation. This place has been referred in the Mahabharata’s “Ashtdhyaya” and is believed to represent the capital of Agroha republic. The fort on the top was however constructed by Dewan-Nanumal, commander of Patiala forces between 1774 and 1777 AD. In the medieval period Agroha has been described as ‘Agroha’ a flourishing town forming an important division of ‘Hisar-E-Feroza’. The sewer famine in Mohammed Tuglak’s time caused considerable havoc in the area and it became a deserted city as reported by Ibn-E-Batuta.

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Vision of  Agroha Master Plan 2021

The developments undertaken by Agroha Vikas trust since, 1976, like construction of temple of Maharaja Agrasain, Mahalaxmi and Saraswati and establishment of Maharaja Agrasain Medical college and research centre was likely to give a sudden boost to the physical developments. As these developments mainly medical college, Agroha Vikas trust office and temple, Primary health centre school came up along the National Highway 10 and the area surrounding these suddenly became more potential for urbanization. Therefore considering the likely haphazard development around these institutions, it was decided in the overall interest of Agroha village to have a controlled and regulated development in this areas for which declaration of controlled area around these institutions were essential.

Because the main stay of this area is agriculture, therefore it was all the more necessary to save the agricultural fields from the likely haphazard urban nature developments. Considering all these facts in the year 1992, the area around Government High School, Primary Health Centre, Agroha Vikas trust and Mounds in Agroha. Control area was declared vide notification no. JD-92/H.C.A.-5/458 dated 30.04.1992 published in Haryana Government Gazette on the 19th May 1992.

Objective of Agroha Master Plan 2021

Keeping in view the development works undertaken by the Agroha Vikas Trust and setting up of a Medical college at Agroha, it is anticipated that its population will reach 40000 persons by 2021 A.D. By that time village Abadi of Mirpur, which is near to the Agroha Abadi, would also be merged with Agroha. Thus population of Mirpur would also become part of it. Therefore, for the future planning Agroha and Mirpur are taken into account as one unit. The total area proposed to be planned is 1880 acres at a gross density of 21 persons per acre. This low density is due to the huge mound preserved as a protected monument by the Archeological Department.

Detailed documentation regarding Agroha’s Master Plan 2021

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Agroha Master Plan 2021

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Agroha Master Plan 2021

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Agroha Master Plan 2021


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