Agra Master Plan 2021 Report, Agra Master Plan 2021 Map & Detailed Info

Agra Master Plan 2021 has been created for Agra District. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Agra Master Plan 2021.


Agra Master Plan 2021 has been created for Agra District. Being centrally located on the national map, Agra forms an important regional urban center. All traffic weather by rail or road going south invariably passes through Agra thus making it a major transport node at the regional level as well as at the national level. This has also led to an extremely rapid and haphazard growth pattern. The city of Agra is situated on the Western Bank of river Yamuna on National Highway (N.H- 2) at about 200 Kms from Delhi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Agra is geographically located at 27°12′ North latitudes and 78°12′ East longitudes. It has an extremely strategic location on the confluence of three distinct geo-physical regions namely the plain of Uttar Pradesh, the plateau of Madhya Pradesh and the desert of Rajasthan. The city also falls in the center of the four-culture areas- Braj, Bundelkhand, Rajputana and western U.P. Both these factors have played significant roles in shaping the life and history of the city.

Agra Master Plan 2021 envisages an urban area of the order of 20,000 hectares which has been subdivided into various land uses. It is also estimated the housing shortage for the plan period of the order of 2.5 lakh. The important policy decisions relevant for the purpose of preparation of Agra Master Plan 2021 are as under:


  • Non-pollutant industries be allowed to function in the city.
  • 292 coal based industrial units be closed.
  • Industries related to software technology and information technology be promoted.
  • Other polluting industries in the city be considered to be relocated.


  • Proper access be provided for the monuments and the places of heritage value.
  • A barrage be constructed downstream of Taj so that Yamuna river retains water and the river is used for the recreational purposes.
  • Area north of Taj Mahal across the river be developed as a National Park so that it attracts the tourists.
  • In order to attract tourists international Golf course and stadium be constructed.
  • Land measuring about 175 hectares on Fatehabad marg be used for tourism related recreational activities.
  • Agra be connected internationally by setting up an international airport.
  • Taj ganj area near Taj Mahal be developed and beautified so that this can be a centre of handicraft and cottage industry for the tourist.

TTZ area

  • Industrial units falling in this area be relocated in a phased manner.
  • Parks and river development be undertaken as apart of tourism attraction.
  • River Yamuna should be made pollution free by establishing treatment plants.
  • Traffic and transportation.
  • A ring road is proposed in order to by-pass the Agra city and avoid congestion in the city area.
  • Where ever necessary underground/multi-storied parking be proposed to meet the parking requirements.
  • On the outskirts of the city transport nagars are proposed on the Mathura road, Gwalior road and Kanpur road.

Water Supply

  • In order to reduce the water losses during distribution network needs to be improved and worn out/rusted pipes needs to be replaced.
  • Proper water harvesting techniques be adopted for ground water conservation and recharge.

Sewerage and Drainage

  • Sewer lines be laid in a planned manner so that the sewer is properly collected and disposed.
  • The sewer flowing in drains be treated at suitable locations and the treated sewer be allowed to fall downstream of Yamuna.
  • Sufficient number of sewerage treatment plants be constructed.
  • As far as possible on both the sides of open drain three meters of strip be reserved for tree plantation.

Solid Waste Management

  • A plan be prepared for solid waste management and disposal.
  • Proper arrangement is made for collection and disposal of solid waste.
  • Arrangement be made for instruments, vehicles, machines and manpower for the disposal of solid waste.

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Natural ponds be preserved.
  • The land surrounding the natural ponds is used for recreational purposes.

Vision Agra Master Plan 2021

Full Utilization of Agra’s Potential for Improving the Economy of the City by Providing Equal Access to Best Quality Physical and Social Infrastructure to All Residents and Tourists is the Vision of Agra Master Plan 2021.

Objectives of Agra Master Plan 2021

  • Provide 24×7 hours water supply to every household including the slum areas with sewerage network and solid waste services by the year 2015.
  • Efficient and safe transportation system for the city.
  • Promote the economic opportunities in the city through tourism.
  • Provide safe and healthier urban environment.
  • The citizens should have access to healthy community life, improved mobility, clean and green environment.
  • The people have a participatory approach in city building.
  • The problems of urban poor are addresses and mitigated in a time bound manner on priorities so that in the near future it could be slum less city.

Detailed documentation regarding Agra’s Master Plan 2021

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Agra Master Plan 2021

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Agra Master Plan 2021


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